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Work Simply, Organize Fun (Show #132)

Are you a Prioritizer, Planner, Arranger, or Visualizer? As entrepreneurs and generally busy people, we consider how we make choices to keep on track with our projects for work and for enjoyment. Audacious Mary tells us about Work Simply by Carson Tate. Audacious Wendy tells us about the Silver Lining Action Plan (SLAP!) and reveals that she has a box of labels labeled “labels.”

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Working Together & RIOTS!!! (Show #94)

Did you ever wonder how these audacious women got together as friends in the first place?

It actually came about because of a group that sponsored a musical play that was to be presented at a pagan festival.  Mary was the director, Wendy was the composer and musical director, Donna was one of the singers and Robin was part of the sponsoring group. They didn’t really know each other when rehearsals started, but had so much fun, the rest is history.

Now, many years later, Wendy and Mary will be creating a new theatrical piece, with the encouragement and support of Robin and Donna. Like the Fool Card that keeps showing up in their Tarot readings, they will take a leap of faith together.


The topic of the play they are creating is based on an event in New York’s Civil War history that has much to do with the politics today. It touches on class wars and race riots, the sources of hate and the need for healing.

The links to some of the topics we mention in the podcast are as follows:

The New York history podcast called The Bowery Boys can be found here: http://boweryboys.libsyn.com/the-civil-war-draft-riots

The Tectonic Theater and Leigh Fondakowski, creators of “The Laramie Project,” can be found here: http://tectonictheaterproject.org/our-process/
And if you’d like to support this project, you can make a tax-deductible donation to Audacious Mary’s nonprofit theater, New Millennium Theatre Works, here: http://www.muse-of-fire.org/

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Show #63: Journaling

In this episode, we discuss the merits of keeping a journal, and the styles of journals we like to keep – whether they are shared or private, electronic or paper, and how reviewing them periodically can help us identify patterns, especially those that need to change. Also how surprising it is to think that you’ve changed and then discover how much you haven’t.

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Show #51: When We Don’t Feel Audacious

What happens when the Audacious Ones don’t feel so audacious? Fake it ’til we make it?  Career change from music to marine biology? Just have a good meal and get some sleep? In this episode, we talk about what we do when it’s time to bust a move through the doldrums and back into our power.

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