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Show #32: Dreams Redux

I usually don’t remember my dreams. But when I do, I pay attention. I believe that our dream state is when our brain taps into the universe and we can get a lot of information.  I’ve found, as an artist, that my dreams have given me answers to creative problems.  Of course, some recurring dreams just mean we’ve got a problem with no answer, or some stress that needs to be worked out.  We discuss those today.  Somebody had nightmares about a school bus, which sent us off on some wild stories.

– Audacious Mary


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Show #31: What We’ve Been Watching

Or binge-watching, to be more specific. In this installment, we discuss Breaking Bad, Big Bang Theory, Farscape, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge, Face Off, and many more. Some of us might have a TV addiction. Some of us might not have a TV at all.


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Show 30: Superpowers and SNOW

In this episode, we talk about superpowers and another segment of “Love it / Hate It.” Of course, we bring up Star Trek, Star Wars and Adam Ant.

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Show 28 – We’re Back!


It’s been five long years, and we’ve missed speaking with each other and interacting with you! (we also fixed a long-term problem with our podcast feed) So we’re back!

In this installment, we talk about what we’ve been up to over the past 5 years.

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