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Show #51: When We Don’t Feel Audacious

What happens when the Audacious Ones don’t feel so audacious? Fake it ’til we make it?  Career change from music to marine biology? Just have a good meal and get some sleep? In this episode, we talk about what we do when it’s time to bust a move through the doldrums and back into our power.

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Audacious defined - Merriam Webster online

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Show #34: Motivation

Today’s episode finds the audacious ones discussing motivation, success, jealousy, deals with the devil, doing chores to avoid even more unpleasant tasks (like filing income tax), and Audacious Robin invents Steely Dancercise.

We also talk a bit about the Audacious Challenge 2014

Motivational Links:

Zombies, Run!

Babylon Sisters (Shake it!)

Let’s stop talkin’ and do some walkin’!

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