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Show #69: A Tarot Valentine!


Love is in the cards!
Cards are in our hands!
Whether you believe in divination or not, tarot cards are wonderful tools to get in touch with what Jung calls the Collective Unconscious. They can help us get in touch with our own deepest thoughts, memories and hidden-knowledge. Using a deck in a spread reading or a single card as a meditation focal point, the archetypes illustrated on these cards can touch on the inner truth. Our resident Tarot teacher, Audacious Donna, takes one of her favorite decks in hand, a beautiful Marchetti deck. She discusses the meanings and interpretations of the LOVE cards, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Much love and passion to you all! Happy Valentine’s Day!

These are two of the cards we talk about in the podcast:

IMG_3848 IMG_3847


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Show #42: Romantic or Embarassing?

In this twist of “Love it/Hate it” Donna poses a question and we all weigh in on whether it’s romantic or embarrassing – or both! We then share some embarrassing romantic moments from our lives.

Later, we present our first public service announcement.  Audacious Mary  talks about her cellphone video pet peeve.

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Show #2 – Sex and Valentine’s Day

Wherein our Audacious Women discuss sex, chocolate, flowers and Valentine’s Day.

Who likes to get flowers? Who would prefer a new computer? Where are the best chocolates in the world? What is Sport Sex? (There may be a quiz coming later on – so pay attention!)

Definitely put the kids to bed before listening.

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