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Show 17: Lights Out!

Our audacious podcasters discuss tropical storm Hannah’s visit to the northern Mid-Atlantic, and how the storm impacted their lives. (And all you folks living in the South and Gulf area can just laugh at us Northerners and how we can’t handle a little tropical storm). Hear how it takes an act of God for Audacious Wendy’s family to just sit and talk for an evening. The discussion ranges across a number of topics today, based around our dependence on technology for work and social interactions, and the demise of the RSVP.


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Show #6: Technology

Well, I always thought fire was a good idea…

We were told in the old days that technology was going to save us time, but it didn’t seem to work out that way. Our Audacious Women discuss how technology has changed the world and our lives in particular.

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