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100.1 (Show #100)

It’s our 100th show!

We look back over the past 100 episodes (and the past 8 years) and talk about our predictions that we made in 2008, and how things have changed and not changed over that period of time. And we make some predictions about the next 100 episodes.

Shout out to the Arts Guild New Jersey for their excellent adult art classes.

We really want to hear from you, our 10 listeners! What would you like us to talk about?

P.S. Thanks very much to pop culture website Biff Bam Pop! for helping us celebrate our 100th episode.

Women Entrpreneurs | Pagan Spirituality | Our 100th Show

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Show #62: Audacious Porn Talk – NSFW

Happy 2015! Join Audacious Eleven for a raunchy chat about youthful adventures in sex education through porn.  Whose classmates found a creative way to help her get their jokes? Who skipped through books to find the naughty bits?  Where can you find a good plumber?  Listen for the answers to these questions and much, much more. No nerd cred was lost during the making of this episode –  the Audacious Ones’ discussion also manages to take a brief detour through classic literature.

Bonus: Enjoy these Award-Winning Phallic Logos!

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Show #12 “Meeting of the Minds”

In this podcast, Audacious Mary asks us all which historical figures we’d like to have dinner with and pick their brains. Audacious Wendy is more concerned about what she would serve them. Some of the notables include Harpo Marx, Da Vinci, Shakespeare, Carl Friederich Gauss, and Salvador Dali, inventor of the LOBSTER PHONE (Audacious Wendy Must Have This Thing!):

Our 11:11 Contest is still not over yet!

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