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#BlackLivesMatter (Show #99)

Audacious Wendy has thoughts on a silent word implied in the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag and wonders how the language chosen in movements shifts political discourse. We talk about police typecasting and violence, the power structures that keep things the same, and approaching hard conversations on race with friends. Audacious Robin talks about growing up in a biracial family and her recent experience with driving while black. We are hopeful about future generations’ ability to grow beyond racism, while knowing we need to keep speaking up, and we need real change right now.



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Driving While Black (Show #85)

Audacious Robin (pictured above) had an experience driving to our recording session. She talks about it in this episode.



Political Discourse | Racial Profiling | Driving While Black

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Show #55: When We Just Disagree

In this episode, we begin to unravel the complex issue of handling disagreement between friends.  Which core values must your loved ones have in common with you? When is a difficult conversation worth having, and when is it best to let it go?  Are sexism, racism, and homophobia products of nature or nurture, and how can acknowledging our -isms assist communication?

There are no universal answers here, but we hope our conversation will serve as a springboard for ongoing discussion and consideration.

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