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Work Simply, Organize Fun (Show #132)

Are you a Prioritizer, Planner, Arranger, or Visualizer? As entrepreneurs and generally busy people, we consider how we make choices to keep on track with our projects for work and for enjoyment. Audacious Mary tells us about Work Simply by Carson Tate. Audacious Wendy tells us about the Silver Lining Action Plan (SLAP!) and reveals that she has a box of labels labeled “labels.”

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Show 18: We Know What We Did Last Summer

Elvis Costello

No, this is not some strange poetry, but it’s related to one of our audacious summer escapades. Listen now to hear about “My Dinner with Oprah” and “Riding the Chili Pepper”!  Who are the Mutant Mountain Boys? Who went away for months? Who stayed home, chained to a sewing machine? Who spent the summer taking things personally? Who spent the summer NOT taking things personally? Download and listen now!

We also are starting a new contest – details in the podcast (and the next blog post!)

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