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Show #61: Are you speaking my language ? Love Language that is !

Love is a language unto itself.  It can be surprising how differently people  show affection toward one another.  Too often we don’t communicate our affection in a way that the other person recognizes, because we don’t know they speak a different language.

Listen as we discuss the ways people in our lives express their love.  And how we can improve our communication and relationships by understanding the Five Love Languages.

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Show #58: Controlling Emotions

Did you ever have someone throw an emotional hissy-fit on you and then say: “I can’t help it. That’s just how I feel.” and you want to smack them, but you don’t, and want to say “Look there. I just felt like smacking you but I didn’t. I can help it. You can, too.” That’s what this topic is about, though the girls give it a more thoughtful discussion and come to a satisfying conclusion without my smart-ass remarks. – Mary

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Show #11: Metaphors in the Pagan Community

This is our 11th podcast! (see the contest announcement)

Today our Audacious Women get serious and discuss metaphors, symbolism, psychology and the state of the New Jersey Pagan Community. This ‘cast is a bit longer than our usual broadcasts, but that’s because we had a lot to say about this topic.

Here are some of the things we said in the podcast:

Family are those who really have your back.

The NJ Pagan Community is in its spiritual adolescence.

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For further reading about metaphors, visit http://www.adrr.com/adr4/metaphor.htm

and now, the podcast itself:

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