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Soul-Healing (Show #97)

Today we discuss emotions and the healing of the soul. Modern psychology stresses examining our lives to discover the experiences that triggered our problem-beliefs or fears. But my question was, once we know where a problem started, what then? We can intellectually see the fallacy in a conclusion drawn as a child from an unpleasant experience, but how do we get rid of the emotional habit? Over the years, those habits have become patterns in our souls.

We talk about several approaches and ideas for “soul-healing,” including Neuro-lingustic Programing and finding a way to reframe your childhood.  Some theories work for some people but leave others worse than they were before.  Are some of these theories helpful, or are they just a way to sell self-help books, courses and take advantage of those in pain?

This is an important discussion and we hope our listeners find it useful. Also, we’d love to hear your own ideas and techniques for emotional health and repairing your soul.  Tell us what you think in the comment section.

– Audacious Mary

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Show #50: Mary Quit Her Job

Audacious Mary tells us about leaving her job in a beautiful Madison Avenue office where neither job nor office was quite as advertised. We muse about ethics in business and personal or political causes and have a laugh about bullshit expertise.

Bonus Subliminal Message Video Link!  Audacious Wendy mentions once having taken a sip of the Amway Kool-Aid, but see how in 1987 humans and robots alike loved Hawaiian Punch, even though “sugar is bad for you.”



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