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Happy (Show #111)

Happiness can be elusive and hard to define. This time though, the Audacious Ones discuss what’s making them happy right now, and it’s mostly the simple stuff – good food, good sex, good health, and getting things done. Those of us who feel like we’ve been cocooning are just about ready to fly, and there’s a cosmic mural project in the works.

You can check out Audacious Wendy’s artwork at Wendyest.blogspot.com

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Show #74: The Ostara Show

In this episode, recorded in February in the midst of a cold and dreary winter, we talk about the Spring Equinox, Ostara,  how it’s been perceived throughout history, and what it means to us. We talk about “spring cleaning”, Passover, daylight savings time, and wind up in a discussion about mid-life and astrology with a focus on Saturn and the Saturn return. We talk about an Ostara ritual, sympathetic magic and what’s thawing out. And finally we talk about the mythology behind standing an egg on its end at the equinox, and its occurrence in a West Wing episode “Evidence of Things Not Seen” (a screencap from which appears in the header of this post).

Happy spring, everyone!

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Show #43: Don’t hit me with your cane!

We discuss navigating the changes of midlife in a society that would rather not recognize such a complicated and  juicy subject.  We talk about our personal experiences with the midlife process:  the challenges and lessons.  We discuss re-evaluating ourselves, our roles and our influence on the world.   And we attempt to create for ourselves a new definition of living for middle aged women who possess a wealth of wisdom gained through life  experience.  Join us for this heartfelt and inspiring discussion !

– Audacious Donna

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