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Happy (Show #111)

Happiness can be elusive and hard to define. This time though, the Audacious Ones discuss what’s making them happy right now, and it’s mostly the simple stuff – good food, good sex, good health, and getting things done. Those of us who feel like we’ve been cocooning are just about ready to fly, and there’s a cosmic mural project in the works.

You can check out Audacious Wendy’s artwork at Wendyest.blogspot.com

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Eureka! (Show #102)

Breakthrough moments allow us to see things differently. They open our minds and can propel us forward. They seem to happen spontaneously, from out of the blue. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could predict when a eureka moment will happen? Or even bring one on at will? Join the conversation as we discuss our experiences of this amazing phenomenon!


Life Empowerment Podcast| Breakthroughs | Eureka Moment

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Our Pagan Paths – and how we wandered onto them (Show #101)

It may not be as sensational as the Halloween witch stories you’re about to hear all October, but in this episode we tell our down-to-earth tales about the varied paths we took to discovering Pagan spirituality. Catholic school, Wiccan and Druid rituals, mythology, theater, drum circles, witchcraft books, Jewish heritage, Hindu deities, and love spells gone awry each play a part in the journeys we took to where we are today.


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Show #59 Instant Gratification

If Van Gogh  were on FaceBook, he wouldn’t have cut off his ear, he would have painted pictures of cats.

In this episode, we discuss the instant gratification available from social media, how we have come to expect it, how we react if we don’t get it, and how we change our behavior in order to receive it. We also talk about the nature of creativity.

Wendy notes: I wanted to create a tuxedo cat painting in the style of Van Gogh, but I discovered that others had got there ahead of me.


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