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Eureka! (Show #102)

Breakthrough moments allow us to see things differently. They open our minds and can propel us forward. They seem to happen spontaneously, from out of the blue. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could predict when a eureka moment will happen? Or even bring one on at will? Join the conversation as we discuss our experiences of this amazing phenomenon!


Life Empowerment Podcast| Breakthroughs | Eureka Moment

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Tarot Inspiration (Show #84)

Anytime is a good time to get guidance from Spirit !

But Springtime is a very special time for receiving inspiration.  Using Ciro Marchetti’s ‘Tarot of Dreams’, one of the most beautiful decks and my personal favorite, we receive insight for moving forward with plans and inspiration for upcoming projects.  Open your heart for your own inspiration !

IMG_3959      IMG_3958

  IMG_3960       IMG_3961


Tarot Reading | Podcast | Ciro Marchetti – Tarot of Dreams


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Show #38: God(dess) Talk

In this episode, recorded in the spring, we have a wide-ranging discussion about ritual, spiritual practice, metaphysics, the universe, and our concepts of deity, and Destiny.

It’s the most revealing conversation that we’ve had!

Of course the discussion eventually turns to science fiction and Joe Haldeman’s Forever Peace (some spoilers for that novel occur at 20:00)

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Show #16 – Tarot

This installment finds us discussing the Tarot; what we use it for, some experiences we’ve had for readers, and some advice for people starting out. We also talk a bit about the “Baseball Tarot” deck.

If you want to see what the Baseball Tarot is about, here’s the Amazon link.

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