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I Need a Good Psychic! (Show #92)

In today’s show, we talk about psychics, and what makes a good one or a bad one, our experiences with psychics, and mediums, and when we took on the mantle of psychic readers.

Here is a link to Audacious Robin’s favorite psychic: ChristianaGaudet.com



Tarot Reading | Divination | Finding a Good Psychic

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Leonard Nimoy Lovefest – and Unexpected Triggers (Show #82)

We love Leonard Nimoy.  This is a belated, though ever-relevant appreciation. We talk about his passing and how he moved us all powerfully for different reasons. As Star Trek and the Spock character feel like foundations from our youth, we consider people, media, and experiences that, when inevitably changed, have or will affect us deeply. BTW, Game of Thrones Spoiler Alert: If you are as behind in your viewing as is Audacious Mary, tune out from 16:30 to 17:45.


We <3 Nimoy Links:

Leonard Nimoy’s Advice to a Biracial Girl in 1968

Leonard Nimoy Photography

Spaced Out – The Best of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner

Spock sings “Bitter Dregs”

Spock is Sexy

Abraham, Martin, & John

Leonard Nimoy Discography

Chanukah in Story & Song


Leonard Nimoy’s Cameo on The Big Bang Theory

Leonard Nimoy on The Simpsons

Biff Bam Pop Remembers Leonard Nimoy (includes a quote from Audacious Robin)


Pop Culture | Podcast | Star Trek-Leonard Nimoy Appreciation

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Show #13 – Voiceovers

We get silly again, geeking out – Audacious Robin does an Axl Rose impersonation, Audacious Wendy sings like Cher. We talk about doing voiceovers in video games, IVR systems (“press 2 to continue”), and breaking in to the voiceover market.

We also invent a new religion, Continuism: Shit keeps happening!

Attention Benefactors or Animators/Cartoonists

If you would like to make the Audacious Eleven cartoon a reality, email us – we are looking for funding or an animator or cartoonist that is willing to work on spec and get famous along with us.

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