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We’re Talking Ink! (Show #93)

Do you have tattoos ?  If so why ?  If not, why not ?  Join us as we talk all about this art form.  We discuss our experiences with tattoos,  reasons for getting them, the process, the pain and pleasure, the social implications and more.  Listen in as we share our personal stories.


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Show #61: Are you speaking my language ? Love Language that is !

Love is a language unto itself.  It can be surprising how differently people  show affection toward one another.  Too often we don’t communicate our affection in a way that the other person recognizes, because we don’t know they speak a different language.

Listen as we discuss the ways people in our lives express their love.  And how we can improve our communication and relationships by understanding the Five Love Languages.

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Show #64: What We Hate About the Holidays

(we are posting this early, just in time for Xmas – show 61 and 62 will be up in good time). In this show, we talk about what drives us crazy during the holiday season, and how to handle “those questions” (you know the ones – “When are you having a baby?” “When are you getting married?” “When are you getting a real job?”) from relatives or others that you only see maybe once a year.

Our advice is to be prepared: have your “elevator speech” ready. Donna has an example of how to graciously change the subject. Wendy has a rant about how many “real jobs” someone in the arts actually has. Mary has a rant about how people in the performing arts are perceived by people outside the field.

We also talk about the secret Santa societies and the documentary film  I Am Santa Claus (playing on Netflix at the time of this writing), and a beautifully written essay on how a performing artist answered the question “Do you have a [real] job?”

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