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You’ve got a friend. (Show #90)

Did you ever have a friend who kept track of favors as if using a scorecard – tracking who owes who what and which favor means more than the other? Is that really a friend? Of course nobody wants a friendship to be a one-sided relationship,  but what ever happened to the idea of helping out a friend, just because they need it? Where is that spirit of generosity – the milk of human kindness? Today we talk about what it means to be a friend.



Social Discourse | Best Friends – Friendship Patterns

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Community! (Show #87)

Happy Litha!
Today we take a DEEP dive into our thoughts and feelings about relationships, reconnecting, and the creation and dissolving of communities. Does social media really help to connect us or is it just an illusion? Is a parting of the ways or the end of a community always a bad thing?

(Oh, BTW I just watched the last episode of Community last night. Much as I love it, should it really come back next season?)

– Mary


Pagan Spirituality, Theater, Friendships | Podcast-Community

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The Ring Theory (Show #86)

Today’s topic is the “Ring Theory” which describes how to communicate with people in crisis without accidentally adding to their emotional burden. We also talk about tragic events in general and grieving the loss of our mothers.

The original article from the LA Times

Empathy Cards for people with serious illnesses



Social Discourse- Crisis Communication, Podcast- Ring Theory

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Show #63: Journaling

In this episode, we discuss the merits of keeping a journal, and the styles of journals we like to keep – whether they are shared or private, electronic or paper, and how reviewing them periodically can help us identify patterns, especially those that need to change. Also how surprising it is to think that you’ve changed and then discover how much you haven’t.

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