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Weird Scenarios (Show #78)

We’re taking a little break, but we do have some newly recorded episodes we’ll be bringing to you soon. In the meantime, please check out this encore post of only the fifth show we ever recorded back in 2008, in which we had some very silly, sexy, odd tales to tell.  It’s got some NSFW humor on sex and college life and other random weirdness. Hope you enjoy. Drop us a line and tell us one of your weird scenarios!

*The image is of Gary Wilson performing at The Mercury Lounge in NYC, 12/29/07 (Photo by Audacious Robin).  None of the stories have to do with him, but his stage act is its own special weird scenario.


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Weird Scenarios (Show #5)

Since our sexy ‘casts are getting the most hits, we talk more about adult topics. Put on the SpongeBob DVD for the kids and kick back to listen to us talk about some weird stuff that has happened to us: writing jingles for erectile dysfunction medication, college roommates, sex toys, contraceptive mishaps and sexcapades at Audacious Robin’s house.


NSFW Humor | Sex and College Life | Random, Weird Scenarios

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