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My Decision-Maker is Broken! (Show #89)

Audacious Robin has temporarily lost her ability to make a decision. Business ideas, summer festivals, gigs, and travel plans swirl in her head. The other Audacious Ones offer advice on giving herself permission to do all the things and allowing the heart to lead while logistics follow. Wendy and Robin get psyched for a future road trip to the X-Day drill in Pomeroy, OH.

The Church of the SubGenius

Drum ‘n’ Splash @ Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary

DEVOtional 2015 Fan Gathering

Robin Renée Tour Schedule



Female Artists | Decision-Making, Travel

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Show #40: The Hero Effect

Who were our heroes? How do heroes affect the way we live our lives?  How we feel when we meet our idols in person. How does their passing from this incarnation affect us? (Diana Rigg made Mary cry)

In this episode, we talk about these questions,  erotic energy, Babylon 5 (of course), geeking out and fangirling, and becoming a human being.

Read Audacious Robin’s essays on her blog The Dream Between:

Preparing for Losses – Remembering Bob Casale of Devo

My Dirty Little Writer’s Block Secret (Grieving Warren Zevon, 10 Years On)

This is the photo Wendy mentions in the episode. It’s just like being there!
mad photobomber


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Show 24: In Support of Same-Sex Marriage

In this podcast, recorded shortly after the US elections, our audacious ones talk about proposition 8, same-sex marriage, truth versus belief, and reawakened activism. We discover that same sex marriage is not about you, it’s about the couple in love. We also discover that God is hard of hearing (that’s why we use a megaphone). And finally, we discover that it all comes back to Babylon 5/Devo/Star Trek.

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Show 18: We Know What We Did Last Summer

Elvis Costello

No, this is not some strange poetry, but it’s related to one of our audacious summer escapades. Listen now to hear about “My Dinner with Oprah” and “Riding the Chili Pepper”!  Who are the Mutant Mountain Boys? Who went away for months? Who stayed home, chained to a sewing machine? Who spent the summer taking things personally? Who spent the summer NOT taking things personally? Download and listen now!

We also are starting a new contest – details in the podcast (and the next blog post!)

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