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Show #58: Controlling Emotions

Did you ever have someone throw an emotional hissy-fit on you and then say: “I can’t help it. That’s just how I feel.” and you want to smack them, but you don’t, and want to say “Look there. I just felt like smacking you but I didn’t. I can help it. You can, too.” That’s what this topic is about, though the girls give it a more thoughtful discussion and come to a satisfying conclusion without my smart-ass remarks. – Mary

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Show #51: When We Don’t Feel Audacious

What happens when the Audacious Ones don’t feel so audacious? Fake it ’til we make it?  Career change from music to marine biology? Just have a good meal and get some sleep? In this episode, we talk about what we do when it’s time to bust a move through the doldrums and back into our power.

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Audacious defined - Merriam Webster online

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