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Everywhere Daddy, Daddy Hair! ( Show #95)

When was the last time you changed your hairstyle ?  Hair is a fun way to express yourself.  We talk about different cuts, colors & styles that we’ve rocked.  Can you guess which of us has had a fro-hawk, or a Chiana bob ?   Maybe you can guess who uses henna.  We discuss some reasons for changing hairstyle: a breakup, a new job, it’s Tuesday !   So many styles, so many looks.  Your hair can be the most versatile part of your wardrobe, a signature look or a unique statement.


Life Empowerment, Pop Culture | Hairstyles and Fashion

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Show #43: Don’t hit me with your cane!

We discuss navigating the changes of midlife in a society that would rather not recognize such a complicated and  juicy subject.  We talk about our personal experiences with the midlife process:  the challenges and lessons.  We discuss re-evaluating ourselves, our roles and our influence on the world.   And we attempt to create for ourselves a new definition of living for middle aged women who possess a wealth of wisdom gained through life  experience.  Join us for this heartfelt and inspiring discussion !

– Audacious Donna

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