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The Audacious 11 Guessing Game

People have been asking us Why Audacious Eleven? What does Eleven mean? What do you want for dinner tonight?

Rather than just telling you how we came up with this name, we thought it would be more fun for you to guess. We are much more interested in our listener’s opinions about what our name means.

We will read the answers on a future show, and pick a winner. We don’t know exactly what the winner wins, but it may have something to do with a video of a mechanical chili pepper…

Just comment to this post with your guess.

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Show #13 – Voiceovers

We get silly again, geeking out – Audacious Robin does an Axl Rose impersonation, Audacious Wendy sings like Cher. We talk about doing voiceovers in video games, IVR systems (“press 2 to continue”), and breaking in to the voiceover market.

We also invent a new religion, Continuism: Shit keeps happening!

Attention Benefactors or Animators/Cartoonists

If you would like to make the Audacious Eleven cartoon a reality, email us – we are looking for funding or an animator or cartoonist that is willing to work on spec and get famous along with us.

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Show #12 “Meeting of the Minds”

In this podcast, Audacious Mary asks us all which historical figures we’d like to have dinner with and pick their brains. Audacious Wendy is more concerned about what she would serve them. Some of the notables include Harpo Marx, Da Vinci, Shakespeare, Carl Friederich Gauss, and Salvador Dali, inventor of the LOBSTER PHONE (Audacious Wendy Must Have This Thing!):

Our 11:11 Contest is still not over yet!

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Audacious Eleven Celebrates Show #11 with the 11:11 Listener Drive!

The #1 Talk Show for Shakespearean Rock ‘n’ Roll Tech Geek Magic and Life Empowerment has just posted its 11th show on Sunday, July 20th. To celebrate this mystical milestone, Audacious Donna, Mary, Robin, and Wendy are holding a contest – The 11:11 Listener Drive!Our wordy tagline points to the fact that you never know what you’ll hear on Audacious Eleven, and it’s time for even more people out there to hear it. Will all you loyal and newly intrigued listeners help us out? Here’s the deal:Tell all your clever, interesting, hip, and/or bored friends to do two little things:

  1. Go to www.audaciouseleven.com and listen to at least one Audacious Eleven podcast.
  2. Become a friend of Audacious Eleven on MySpace at www.myspace.com/audaciouseleven. (If your friends are particularly expedient or lazy, they can access our shows right on MySpace via our blog.) When they friend us, they need to let us know you sent them. That way, we can keep score.

The first 11 people to send 11 of their friends our way will win one of 11 fabulous prizes! Prizes include the chance to pick an Audacious Eleven discussion topic, your very own cartoon avatar a la Audacious Eleven, never-before-heard outtakes from the show, CDs, and curios from the homes of the four audacious women who are Audacious Eleven, and more. We won’t tell you what the “more” consists of yet, but rest assured, those prizes are fabulous, too.

So have at it. Thanks for playing!


Audacious Eleven

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