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I Need a Good Psychic! (Show #92)

In today’s show, we talk about psychics, and what makes a good one or a bad one, our experiences with psychics, and mediums, and when we took on the mantle of psychic readers.

Here is a link to Audacious Robin’s favorite psychic: ChristianaGaudet.com



Tarot Reading | Divination | Finding a Good Psychic

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Show #35: Tarot

Audacious Wendy talks about the creation of the Regretsy™ Tarot Deck, and all of us talk about different Tarot decks we like to use. Audacious Donna, our resident Tarot expert discusses the pros and cons of reading the cards for yourself.  Also mentioned: 11 Questions with (Tarot Grandmaster) Christiana Gaudet.

UPDATE: Wendy listed the wrong audio file on this post. It’s been fixed now!


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