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Our Pagan Paths – and how we wandered onto them (Show #101)

It may not be as sensational as the Halloween witch stories you’re about to hear all October, but in this episode we tell our down-to-earth tales about the varied paths we took to discovering Pagan spirituality. Catholic school, Wiccan and Druid rituals, mythology, theater, drum circles, witchcraft books, Jewish heritage, Hindu deities, and love spells gone awry each play a part in the journeys we took to where we are today.


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Show #52: In the Mire of Shame & Guilt

In this episode, we wade into the difficult emotions of guilt and shame. What are the differences? Is there ever a redeeming purpose to these feelings? How do they each relate to embarrassment? How do we reconcile the inner sacred with the rest of our messy lives? There may be no easy formula to unravel the pain of loss, body image struggles, and the shadow side of perfectionism,  but at least there is the Zen of figure modeling.

(There is some levity. At one point, Audacious Donna is reminded of Oprah, and it leads us to this: Oprah Winfrey’s Amazing Giveaway.  Also, we learn that Audacious Mary is a fan of Dog Shaming.)

Robin Renée - mugshot


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