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Body Shaming (Show #98)

In this episode we talk about body shaming, addiction, community, fitness, running bras, yoga, Paganism, and Donald Trump.


Health and Fitness | Body Shaming | Pagan, Yoga Community

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Show #72: The Buddhist Excuse

The topic is not Buddhism but the misappropriation of the tenets of Buddhism to excuse being a jerk. The topic develops into acceptance of our lives, ourselves, and dealing with artistic criticism.  Then there’s fate vs self-determination. Very big topics! A fun discussion! The lesson learned is beware of “spiritual” dogs on the prowl.

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Show #7: Closing Doors

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it.

In this podcast our Audacious Women discuss the advantages of limiting your opportunities and letting things go. This discussion is inspired by the New York Times Article “Closing Doors”

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