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Show #74: The Ostara Show

In this episode, recorded in February in the midst of a cold and dreary winter, we talk about the Spring Equinox, Ostara,  how it’s been perceived throughout history, and what it means to us. We talk about “spring cleaning”, Passover, daylight savings time, and wind up in a discussion about mid-life and astrology with a focus on Saturn and the Saturn return. We talk about an Ostara ritual, sympathetic magic and what’s thawing out. And finally we talk about the mythology behind standing an egg on its end at the equinox, and its occurrence in a West Wing episode “Evidence of Things Not Seen” (a screencap from which appears in the header of this post).

Happy spring, everyone!

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Show #20: Mercury Retrograde and the Economy

Precipitate: to hasten the occurrence of; bring about prematurely, hastily, or suddenly: to precipitate an international crisis.

In this podcast, we discuss the role of Astrology in the current economic crisis.

Some non-astrological background information about the economic issues the world is facing can be found on these NPR podcasts:

NPR has been running some VERY good explanatory podcasts on “Fresh Air” about the financial crisis for the past couple of weeks.

Fresh Air, Sept 23 – Wall Street Bailout, A conflict of interest?

Fresh Air, Oct 1 – A Long View of the Wall Street “Dream”



And a post on a LiveJournal blog, which explains something about international investment banking and why credit is drying up now.

Some data that we didn’t have when we recorded the podcast, but that we looked up later on:

The “Crash of 1929”, according to Wikipedia occurred on 3 dates: 10/24 and then 10/28-10/29 of 1929. Mercury was in Libra during this period. It went retrograde at 23Libra on 9/28, and went direct at 08Libra on 10/17. Mercury was in the “shadow” until 11/2. Venus was also in Libra  during this time, and Mars was in Scorpio.

The “Crash of 1987” was the next big one. This happened on 10/19/1987. Mercury went retrograde at 13Scorpio on 10/16 and went direct at 27Libra on 11/6.

There was another huge drop in the market on 9/17/2001 (as a reaction to 9/11). Mercury went retrograde in Libra on 10/1/2001.

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Show #1 – Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is the fastest-moving of all the planets, and the closest to the Sun. It’s also named after the Roman God of communication (among other things). A few times a year, Mercury appears to travel “backwards” across the sky – moving in the opposite direction from all the other stars. It’s at that time when astrologers warn about snafus with communication and all things technological. The Audacious Eleven discuss this phenomena in general with personal observations and advice for how to ride out these periods of chaos.

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