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Show #59 Instant Gratification

If Van Gogh  were on FaceBook, he wouldn’t have cut off his ear, he would have painted pictures of cats.

In this episode, we discuss the instant gratification available from social media, how we have come to expect it, how we react if we don’t get it, and how we change our behavior in order to receive it. We also talk about the nature of creativity.

Wendy notes: I wanted to create a tuxedo cat painting in the style of Van Gogh, but I discovered that others had got there ahead of me.


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Show #54: We Talk Passion

Harking back on last week’s show, we talk about what our passions are, how the “support work” is distracting from doing work we’d rather be doing.

Wendy talks about her drawing work, and while she’s pleased with her progress, wonders if it’s she’s using it to procrastinate from something else.  Robin feels like she’s better off doing less touring and doing “the work”, and finding the emotional core of creativity.

Look at things from different perspectives, sometimes literally.

These are the images Wendy talks about in the ‘cast




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