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Vuja de! Our Travels on Automatic Pilot (Show #96)

Robin wonders if she is the only one who experiences vuja de – what George Carlin called that strange feeling that none of this has ever happened before.  Is she crazy or does she just travel on automatic pilot (or both)? We share various tales of absentmindedness, weird dreams, landscape changes, and mistaken vehicles.  Like the good folks from New Jersey that we are, we mention highway exits.

Classic George Carlin defines Vuja de


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Driving While Black (Show #85)

Audacious Robin (pictured above) had an experience driving to our recording session. She talks about it in this episode.



Political Discourse | Racial Profiling | Driving While Black

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Show #36:Driving Down The Shore Naked In Invisible Cars

#Nudity #OyVey
What more can I say?

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