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Show #59 Instant Gratification

If Van Gogh  were on FaceBook, he wouldn’t have cut off his ear, he would have painted pictures of cats.

In this episode, we discuss the instant gratification available from social media, how we have come to expect it, how we react if we don’t get it, and how we change our behavior in order to receive it. We also talk about the nature of creativity.

Wendy notes: I wanted to create a tuxedo cat painting in the style of Van Gogh, but I discovered that others had got there ahead of me.


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Show #53: Don’t Follow Your Passion

Audacious Wendy recently read an essay by Mike Rowe, which is linked here:

Mike Rowe’s must-read response to an Alabamian who asked why he shouldn’t follow his passion

Audacious Donna and Audacious Robin have something to say about that, for sure.

The conversation migrates to what our passions are; Wendy inquires about how to love her job; Robin misses science; and eventually the conversation turns to the NPR program Science Friday and the artist-in-residence at the Large Hadron Collider!

Wendy also made a composition using sound files from the LHC

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Show #49: Put That Thing Away!

Our constant use of “screens” – cell phones, tablets, computers, televisions… they are ubiquitous. Are they getting in the way of us experiencing the world? Are they keeping us from being in the here and now? Or are they enhancing our lives? Is texting the harbinger of the demise of writing, or are people actually writing more? Are you going to places to share with your remote friends or to brag?

These questions and more are the subject of this episode!


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Show #42: Romantic or Embarassing?

In this twist of “Love it/Hate it” Donna poses a question and we all weigh in on whether it’s romantic or embarrassing – or both! We then share some embarrassing romantic moments from our lives.

Later, we present our first public service announcement.  Audacious Mary  talks about her cellphone video pet peeve.

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