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The Words We Use (Show #124)

Today’s discussion starts out with what words we use to define our spirituality and ends up with ritual cannibalism, with stops at exchanging energy, Robert A Heinlein, Babylon 5,  The Walking Dead, and “If everyone can talk to God, what do we need priests for?”


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The Dark Time of the Year
-or- Cats Don’t Do Daylight Saving Time
(Show #109)

The days will start getting longer at Yule/Winter Solstice, but some of us won’t really perceive the growing light until around Imbolc. We talk about how we experience these short days and dark nights between Halloween and Groundhog Day – a time for winter projects, spiritual work, personal introspection, and Christmas holiday celebrations morphed for nearly every tradition. And while people concern themselves with time according to the clock, alas, cats do not.

And just because… Cat Alarm Clocks are the Best Alarm Clocks

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The Other Poly (Show #108)

Hey,  we learned something today! We start by talking about the thought-provoking topic of  Polytheism.  What is Polytheism?  How does it work for everybody?  What is Henotheism?  How does that work?  Why are we here?  What is the meaning of life?  Too many questions for one podcast!

(Watch out for Henotheists who worship Loki – could be tricky!)

We do veer off topic onto a sci-fi reading list at one point, which is interesting too.  (So long as you don’t get turned into a Coke machine!) Here are notes on that:

Here’s an interesting book Wendy recommends, which has the Viking gods coming to America, “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman

And here are some sources for “The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul” by Douglas Adams.

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Our Pagan Paths – and how we wandered onto them (Show #101)

It may not be as sensational as the Halloween witch stories you’re about to hear all October, but in this episode we tell our down-to-earth tales about the varied paths we took to discovering Pagan spirituality. Catholic school, Wiccan and Druid rituals, mythology, theater, drum circles, witchcraft books, Jewish heritage, Hindu deities, and love spells gone awry each play a part in the journeys we took to where we are today.


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