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Vuja de! Our Travels on Automatic Pilot (Show #96)

Robin wonders if she is the only one who experiences vuja de – what George Carlin called that strange feeling that none of this has ever happened before.  Is she crazy or does she just travel on automatic pilot (or both)? We share various tales of absentmindedness, weird dreams, landscape changes, and mistaken vehicles.  Like the good folks from New Jersey that we are, we mention highway exits.

Classic George Carlin defines Vuja de


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Tarot Inspiration (Show #84)

Anytime is a good time to get guidance from Spirit !

But Springtime is a very special time for receiving inspiration.  Using Ciro Marchetti’s ‘Tarot of Dreams’, one of the most beautiful decks and my personal favorite, we receive insight for moving forward with plans and inspiration for upcoming projects.  Open your heart for your own inspiration !

IMG_3959      IMG_3958

  IMG_3960       IMG_3961


Tarot Reading | Podcast | Ciro Marchetti – Tarot of Dreams


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Show #32: Dreams Redux

I usually don’t remember my dreams. But when I do, I pay attention. I believe that our dream state is when our brain taps into the universe and we can get a lot of information.  I’ve found, as an artist, that my dreams have given me answers to creative problems.  Of course, some recurring dreams just mean we’ve got a problem with no answer, or some stress that needs to be worked out.  We discuss those today.  Somebody had nightmares about a school bus, which sent us off on some wild stories.

– Audacious Mary


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