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Show #66: Best of the Worst of the Best

In this episode, we talk about why some bands are “demonized” , who wants to be on the “Worst Dressed List”,  the best/worst films of the 20th century, and who will be remembered in the 22nd century.

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Show #40: The Hero Effect

Who were our heroes? How do heroes affect the way we live our lives?  How we feel when we meet our idols in person. How does their passing from this incarnation affect us? (Diana Rigg made Mary cry)

In this episode, we talk about these questions,  erotic energy, Babylon 5 (of course), geeking out and fangirling, and becoming a human being.

Read Audacious Robin’s essays on her blog The Dream Between:

Preparing for Losses – Remembering Bob Casale of Devo

My Dirty Little Writer’s Block Secret (Grieving Warren Zevon, 10 Years On)

This is the photo Wendy mentions in the episode. It’s just like being there!
mad photobomber


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Show #38: God(dess) Talk

In this episode, recorded in the spring, we have a wide-ranging discussion about ritual, spiritual practice, metaphysics, the universe, and our concepts of deity, and Destiny.

It’s the most revealing conversation that we’ve had!

Of course the discussion eventually turns to science fiction and Joe Haldeman’s Forever Peace (some spoilers for that novel occur at 20:00)

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Show #19: Large Vegetable Menace

We’ve been finding that some of the funniest things get said when “the tape is not rolling” – when we’re not recording. Well, we tried to fix that with this ‘cast.

By request, we talk about Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. This brings up a lot of other vegetable menace films and cult movies that we’ve enjoyed, and some that you’ve probably never heard of (but should now go rent and watch!), like Earth Girls Are Easy, Head, 200 Motels, Privilege, The Thousand Fingers of Doctor Wu, and Mars Attacks.


Trivia question of the day: What do the Monkees, Victor Mature, and Frank Zappa have in common?

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