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Body Shaming (Show #98)

In this episode we talk about body shaming, addiction, community, fitness, running bras, yoga, Paganism, and Donald Trump.


Health and Fitness | Body Shaming | Pagan, Yoga Community

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Our Favorite Podcasts (Show #91)

In this episode, we let you in on the popular and lesser-known podcasts we like to listen to when we’re not recording our own. From history to geekery, sci-fi to true crime, we have some interesting picks. Check out the links on our website, and let us know your favorite podcasts, too.

The Smarter Freelancing Podcast

The Tobolowsky Files

GAR! Podcast

You Must Remember This

The Bowery Boys: New York City History

WTF with Marc Maron

Welcome to Night Vale

BBC Radio 4 Shipping Forecast


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Community! (Show #87)

Happy Litha!
Today we take a DEEP dive into our thoughts and feelings about relationships, reconnecting, and the creation and dissolving of communities. Does social media really help to connect us or is it just an illusion? Is a parting of the ways or the end of a community always a bad thing?

(Oh, BTW I just watched the last episode of Community last night. Much as I love it, should it really come back next season?)

– Mary


Pagan Spirituality, Theater, Friendships | Podcast-Community

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Show #70: What Hollywood Does To Our Beloved Books

This week on the Audacious Eleven, it’s a books and film geekfest. What do we think of what happened to The Hobbit,  Harry Potter, Dr. Doolittle, & Dune when they made the journey from the page to the screen? How do graphic novels and short stories fare? We talk about some of the problems inherent in changing media. Bad casting vs great casting. When what you see in your head when you read a book doesn’t match up to what the director put up on screen. Adaptations, good and bad. Listen to us opine and let us know what makes your Top 10 list and what should have been left on the cutting room floor.



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