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Show notes

Announcing our new bi-weekly schedule

Hello, loyal listeners! We will be posting new podcasts every other week going forward. So tune in next Friday for a new show.

If you can’t wait that long to hear our voices or our opinions, we invite you to visit our archives.

See you next week!

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Show #14 – Procrastination

We finally did a show about procrastination – why we procrastinate, and what we can possibly do about it to be more efficient, and less guilt-ridden.

We procrastinate because we are afraid, or because we put ourselves second, or we might loathe the task facing us, or even it’s the procrastination fairy prevents us from getting things done.

What we can do about it is to schedule these tasks, follow through, and fit in small tasks in the bits of “down time” that you find during the day, and talk to people about what blocks you.

Take the Audacious Challenge with us!

Pick a project that you’ve wanted to get done, but the Procrastination Fairy has prevented you from starting.

Go to this page, and post what that project is, and we will all keep each other on track with monthly updates and encouragement.

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Show #13 – Voiceovers

We get silly again, geeking out – Audacious Robin does an Axl Rose impersonation, Audacious Wendy sings like Cher. We talk about doing voiceovers in video games, IVR systems (“press 2 to continue”), and breaking in to the voiceover market.

We also invent a new religion, Continuism: Shit keeps happening!

Attention Benefactors or Animators/Cartoonists

If you would like to make the Audacious Eleven cartoon a reality, email us – we are looking for funding or an animator or cartoonist that is willing to work on spec and get famous along with us.

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Show #10: Guilty Pleasures and Star Trek Vocalists

In this episode, we take some time out from serious talk to chat about the movies we like but are embarrassed to admit it, and also about some of the records made by the stars of the original Star Trek TV series.

Audacious Wendy has to apologize to Audacious Donna! During the ‘cast, Wendy claims that Sam Raimi was not “in” Army of Darkness. He did not, in fact, act in that film. He directed and co-wrote it. So Donna was absolutely correct to call AoD a “Sam Rami” film.

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