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Mansplaining (Show #130)



(Sorry it’s late – TAXES!!! ARGHHHHH!)

The topic is “Mansplaining.” Do you need me to explain that for you, Honey? Can your pretty, little head get around it? Don’t worry, we’ll go slow.

(My husband just helped me put the graphic in this post! Thank god! I could never have gotten it done without him! I’ve only been doing this for 5 years.)

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Audacious Action Oracle (Show #121)

We welcome in the Year of the Fire Monkey with some discussion and some divination with a deck of cards sporting a very relevant name.


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Return of the Impostor Syndrome (Show #119)

At long last, Wendy finally feels that she can use the word “Artist” without feeling like a fraud! We talk about feelings of inadequacy and faking it till you make it.

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They Unlike Me! (Show #118)

Sally Field aside,  it’s nice to be liked, and it’s not nice to be “unliked.”  You get to hear just how geeky we get about social media, and how we deal with flaming or annoying posts while at the same time wondering how we might have accidentally created an annoying post ourselves.  (Are we paranoid or what? Typical!) Personally, I like to quote Bette Midler: “If they can’t take a joke, f*ck ’em.”

Please comment and give us how you deal with this issue.  And check this out:

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