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Audacious Action Oracle (Show #121)

We welcome in the Year of the Fire Monkey with some discussion and some divination with a deck of cards sporting a very relevant name.


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Return of the Impostor Syndrome (Show #119)

At long last, Wendy finally feels that she can use the word “Artist” without feeling like a fraud! We talk about feelings of inadequacy and faking it till you make it.

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I Wouldn’t Call It Clutter!? (Show #117)

Human beings love to gather stuff. We like to be surrounded by things that inspire us and make us feel good. But at what point does that wonderful, eclectic collection of favored items become a mass of clutter? How much is too much ? Does clutter give us a sense of security or does it keep us from moving forward?  And what about other peoples’ stuff?  How do we release the stuff in a way that makes us feel good? What’s your perspective? Join us as we sort through our stuff.

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What’s Up For An Audacious 2016?
(Show #116)

What’s up for the Audacious Ones in 2016? So far, Wendy has a new Fender knock-off guitar, a music room-in-progress, and is creating an adult coloring book, Mary’s been studying experimental theater and has lots of ideas for her musical, Donna is all about health & fitness (and a secret project), and Robin is giving herself a break about last year and starting anew. She’s definitely up for Destination Workouts.

Audacious Wendy would like to give a shout out to the Silver Lining Action Plan that’s been helping her grow her graphic design business.

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