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Mansplaining (Show #130)



(Sorry it’s late – TAXES!!! ARGHHHHH!)

The topic is “Mansplaining.” Do you need me to explain that for you, Honey? Can your pretty, little head get around it? Don’t worry, we’ll go slow.

(My husband just helped me put the graphic in this post! Thank god! I could never have gotten it done without him! I’ve only been doing this for 5 years.)

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The Words We Use (Show #124)

Today’s discussion starts out with what words we use to define our spirituality and ends up with ritual cannibalism, with stops at exchanging energy, Robert A Heinlein, Babylon 5,  The Walking Dead, and “If everyone can talk to God, what do we need priests for?”


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Show #67: First World Problems

Robin calls us all out (including herself) for being a complainy bunch of whiners, but she does it really gently and nicely. I don’t complain that much, do I? (No, don’t answer that. I already know the answer to that.)

And I don’t want to hear anyone complaining about this podcast posting 14 hours late.


P. S. If anyone knows if there is a Yiddish equivalent of bodega, we would like to know.

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Show #61: Are you speaking my language ? Love Language that is !

Love is a language unto itself.  It can be surprising how differently people  show affection toward one another.  Too often we don’t communicate our affection in a way that the other person recognizes, because we don’t know they speak a different language.

Listen as we discuss the ways people in our lives express their love.  And how we can improve our communication and relationships by understanding the Five Love Languages.

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