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Happy (Show #111)

Happiness can be elusive and hard to define. This time though, the Audacious Ones discuss what’s making them happy right now, and it’s mostly the simple stuff – good food, good sex, good health, and getting things done. Those of us who feel like we’ve been cocooning are just about ready to fly, and there’s a cosmic mural project in the works.

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Thanksgiving Traditions (Show #110)

Today, as we recover from our food comas, we talk about our respective traditions for this United States Holiday.


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Pumpkin Prejudice (Show #103)

The group analyzes why Audacious Wendy refuses to eat pumpkins: pumpkin spice, pumpkin pie, or pumpkin anything – and the conversation quickly devolves into what weird foods we’ve eaten, how we cook various squash fruits and flowers, soup, and much more.

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