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ISMs (Show #127)

In this show, we talk about -isms: ageism and sexism. Old women. And why Wendy has blue hair… Bossy vs leadership…

and sex.

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Biff, Bam, Pop, & Bold (Show #105)

This week, the four friends who make up Audacious Eleven talk about having recently become part of pop culture-focused Biff Bam Pop! Podcast Network. Bold style is in their midst: Audacious Wendy loves her new, blue hairdo, and Audacious Robin seeks visible androgyny in her “gender identification hair phase.”

The Biff Bam Pop! Podcast Network

Biff Bam Podcast! Episode 1 – Interviews with Kane Hodder & Brandi Cyrus from Old 37, and Rue Morgue’s Andrea Subisatti

Audacious Wendy Sheridan with blue hair
Audacious Wendy’s feelin’ mighty blue!


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100.1 (Show #100)

It’s our 100th show!

We look back over the past 100 episodes (and the past 8 years) and talk about our predictions that we made in 2008, and how things have changed and not changed over that period of time. And we make some predictions about the next 100 episodes.

Shout out to the Arts Guild New Jersey for their excellent adult art classes.

We really want to hear from you, our 10 listeners! What would you like us to talk about?

P.S. Thanks very much to pop culture website Biff Bam Pop! for helping us celebrate our 100th episode.

Women Entrpreneurs | Pagan Spirituality | Our 100th Show

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Body Shaming (Show #98)

In this episode we talk about body shaming, addiction, community, fitness, running bras, yoga, Paganism, and Donald Trump.


Health and Fitness | Body Shaming | Pagan, Yoga Community

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