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Show #60: Quitting Facebook

Wendy quit Facebook for an entire week, and she talks about her withdrawal, and how much more productive she’s been. She’s also discovered other things to do online – like Twitter.

What is your Internet job? Wendy’s seems to be curating strange and funny things for her friends. (She’s now doing that on Twitter, follow her @wendydesigns ), the Wayback Machine, where you can find web pages from the early days of the Internet, proving “the Internet is forever”

Elizabeth Mansfield website.

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Show #53: Don’t Follow Your Passion

Audacious Wendy recently read an essay by Mike Rowe, which is linked here:

Mike Rowe’s must-read response to an Alabamian who asked why he shouldn’t follow his passion

Audacious Donna and Audacious Robin have something to say about that, for sure.

The conversation migrates to what our passions are; Wendy inquires about how to love her job; Robin misses science; and eventually the conversation turns to the NPR program Science Friday and the artist-in-residence at the Large Hadron Collider!

Wendy also made a composition using sound files from the LHC

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Show #50: Mary Quit Her Job

Audacious Mary tells us about leaving her job in a beautiful Madison Avenue office where neither job nor office was quite as advertised. We muse about ethics in business and personal or political causes and have a laugh about bullshit expertise.

Bonus Subliminal Message Video Link!  Audacious Wendy mentions once having taken a sip of the Amway Kool-Aid, but see how in 1987 humans and robots alike loved Hawaiian Punch, even though “sugar is bad for you.”



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