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I Need a Good Psychic! (Show #92)

In today’s show, we talk about psychics, and what makes a good one or a bad one, our experiences with psychics, and mediums, and when we took on the mantle of psychic readers.

Here is a link to Audacious Robin’s favorite psychic:



Tarot Reading | Divination | Finding a Good Psychic

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Our Favorite Podcasts (Show #91)

In this episode, we let you in on the popular and lesser-known podcasts we like to listen to when we’re not recording our own. From history to geekery, sci-fi to true crime, we have some interesting picks. Check out the links on our website, and let us know your favorite podcasts, too.

The Smarter Freelancing Podcast

The Tobolowsky Files

GAR! Podcast

You Must Remember This

The Bowery Boys: New York City History

WTF with Marc Maron

Welcome to Night Vale

BBC Radio 4 Shipping Forecast


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In which we discuss the concepts expressed in Season 6, Episode 1 of Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, “Are We All Bigots?” The premise is that people can be classified into 4 quadrants Friend/Foe and Competent/Incompetent, where “competent” means that the person can enact their will upon you, and why a powerful competent woman scares the crap out of everyone. There is some strong language in this episode (More than usual? Not sure.)


Women Entrpreneurs-Life Empowerment | Podcast | Unfriendlies

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The Fraud Syndrome (Show #80)

This is not my beautiful house! This is not my beautiful wife! And you may ask yourself…

In this episode we talk about the fraud syndrome (aka the impostor syndrome): that feeling that you are in over your head or don’t deserve a good thing  (or job) that’s happened to you.

We reference an earlier podcast (Age Gender and the Entrepreneur), in our musings on how gender may play into these feelings of panic at starting a new project because we feel we don’t know what we’re doing. But we forget that every foray into uncharted territory is by nature something new that we can’t be an expert at because we haven’t done it before. Everyone is in the same boat.

We discuss strategies for dealing with these feelings, and how to define personal values that help chart your course through the unknown.



Female Artists | Fraud Syndrome, Impostor Syndrome Podcast

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