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Show #75: Age, Gender, and the Entrepreneur

This episode was sparked by a recent Freelance academy podcast (Why So Many Women Struggle in Business).  We start discussing how women can be more effective in business, and diverge into  harassment in the workplace, F-to-M transitions, and how middle-aged (and older) women get overlooked. We’re not just sitting around knitting all the time. And we talk about collaboration and the difference in feedback you get from a full-time employee position and working for yourself.

Photo this week courtesy of iStockphoto and the film “Unfinished Business”

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Show #67: First World Problems

Robin calls us all out (including herself) for being a complainy bunch of whiners, but she does it really gently and nicely. I don’t complain that much, do I? (No, don’t answer that. I already know the answer to that.)

And I don’t want to hear anyone complaining about this podcast posting 14 hours late.


P. S. If anyone knows if there is a Yiddish equivalent of bodega, we would like to know.

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Show #60: Quitting Facebook

Wendy quit Facebook for an entire week, and she talks about her withdrawal, and how much more productive she’s been. She’s also discovered other things to do online – like Twitter.

What is your Internet job? Wendy’s seems to be curating strange and funny things for her friends. (She’s now doing that on Twitter, follow her @wendydesigns ), the Wayback Machine, where you can find web pages from the early days of the Internet, proving “the Internet is forever”

Elizabeth Mansfield website.

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