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Show #62: Audacious Porn Talk – NSFW

Happy 2015! Join Audacious Eleven for a raunchy chat about youthful adventures in sex education through porn.  Whose classmates found a creative way to help her get their jokes? Who skipped through books to find the naughty bits?  Where can you find a good plumber?  Listen for the answers to these questions and much, much more. No nerd cred was lost during the making of this episode –  the Audacious Ones’ discussion also manages to take a brief detour through classic literature.

Bonus: Enjoy these Award-Winning Phallic Logos!

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Show #64: What We Hate About the Holidays

(we are posting this early, just in time for Xmas – show 61 and 62 will be up in good time). In this show, we talk about what drives us crazy during the holiday season, and how to handle “those questions” (you know the ones – “When are you having a baby?” “When are you getting married?” “When are you getting a real job?”) from relatives or others that you only see maybe once a year.

Our advice is to be prepared: have your “elevator speech” ready. Donna has an example of how to graciously change the subject. Wendy has a rant about how many “real jobs” someone in the arts actually has. Mary has a rant about how people in the performing arts are perceived by people outside the field.

We also talk about the secret Santa societies and the documentary film  I Am Santa Claus (playing on Netflix at the time of this writing), and a beautifully written essay on how a performing artist answered the question “Do you have a [real] job?”

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Show #31: What We’ve Been Watching

Or binge-watching, to be more specific. In this installment, we discuss Breaking Bad, Big Bang Theory, Farscape, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge, Face Off, and many more. Some of us might have a TV addiction. Some of us might not have a TV at all.


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Show #19: Large Vegetable Menace

We’ve been finding that some of the funniest things get said when “the tape is not rolling” – when we’re not recording. Well, we tried to fix that with this ‘cast.

By request, we talk about Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. This brings up a lot of other vegetable menace films and cult movies that we’ve enjoyed, and some that you’ve probably never heard of (but should now go rent and watch!), like Earth Girls Are Easy, Head, 200 Motels, Privilege, The Thousand Fingers of Doctor Wu, and Mars Attacks.


Trivia question of the day: What do the Monkees, Victor Mature, and Frank Zappa have in common?

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