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In which we discuss the concepts expressed in Season 6, Episode 1 of Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, “Are We All Bigots?” The premise is that people can be classified into 4 quadrants Friend/Foe and Competent/Incompetent, where “competent” means that the person can enact their will upon you, and why a powerful competent woman scares the crap out of everyone. There is some strong language in this episode (More than usual? Not sure.)


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Show #74: The Ostara Show

In this episode, recorded in February in the midst of a cold and dreary winter, we talk about the Spring Equinox, Ostara,  how it’s been perceived throughout history, and what it means to us. We talk about “spring cleaning”, Passover, daylight savings time, and wind up in a discussion about mid-life and astrology with a focus on Saturn and the Saturn return. We talk about an Ostara ritual, sympathetic magic and what’s thawing out. And finally we talk about the mythology behind standing an egg on its end at the equinox, and its occurrence in a West Wing episode “Evidence of Things Not Seen” (a screencap from which appears in the header of this post).

Happy spring, everyone!

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Show #70: What Hollywood Does To Our Beloved Books

This week on the Audacious Eleven, it’s a books and film geekfest. What do we think of what happened to The Hobbit,  Harry Potter, Dr. Doolittle, & Dune when they made the journey from the page to the screen? How do graphic novels and short stories fare? We talk about some of the problems inherent in changing media. Bad casting vs great casting. When what you see in your head when you read a book doesn’t match up to what the director put up on screen. Adaptations, good and bad. Listen to us opine and let us know what makes your Top 10 list and what should have been left on the cutting room floor.



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Show #66: Best of the Worst of the Best

In this episode, we talk about why some bands are “demonized” , who wants to be on the “Worst Dressed List”,  the best/worst films of the 20th century, and who will be remembered in the 22nd century.

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