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2015 Looking Back (Show #115)

Happy New Year! So to start off the new year, we talk about last year. At least we start talking about it and then we talk about Amazon Prime, Beethoven, and the more memorable “pop culture” things that happened over the course of 2015.

There may or may not be spoilers for Sense8 and Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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What We Hate About the Holidays “Rebroadcast” (Show #114)

Since we’re all off feeling the Yuletide love, we decided to repost this show for your enjoyment: What We Hate About the Holidays. Check back for new Audacious Eleven next week… in 2016!

“In this show, we talk about what drives us crazy during the holiday season, and how to handle “those questions” (you know the ones – “When are you having a baby?” “When are you getting married?” “When are you getting a real job?”) from relatives or others that you only see maybe once a year.

Our advice is to be prepared: have your “elevator speech” ready. Donna has an example of how to graciously change the subject. Wendy has a rant about how many “real jobs” someone in the arts actually has. Mary has a rant about how people in the performing arts are perceived by people outside the field.

We also talk about the secret Santa societies and the documentary film  I Am Santa Claus (playing on Netflix at the time of this writing), and a beautifully written essay on how a performing artist answered the question ‘Do you have a [real] job?‘”

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Best of the Worst of the Best II (Show #107)

Audacious Robin introduces the concept of The Best of the Worst of the Best,  a topic somewhat addressed in Audacious Eleven Show #66. A lively discussion of old movies, Hollywood stars, and music ensues. Katherine Hepburn in Sylvia Scarlett, Ed Wood, Cher, a legendary Tony Curtis (mis)quote, and Paul McCartney & Wings get mentions, among many others.  We all wonder, based on title alone, if Lobster Man from Mars may indeed be the Best of the Worst of the Best.

Snopes addresses the alleged Tony Curtis quote “Yondah lies da castle of my foddah.”

“Cook of the House” by Paul McCartney & Wings

Katherine Hepburn/Dennie Moore Kiss in Sylvia Scarlet

Lobster Man from Mars (1989) Trailer

Audacious Wendy’s parody of Cher’s “Believe”

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Recording Techniques (Show #106)

In today’s episode Audacious Wendy reveals her secret to a fabulous vocal performance and we all talk about our various rituals we do before going on stage or going into the studio. We also talk about vocal care, inconvenient laryngitis, forgetting lyrics and other fun things that happen when you’re performing live.

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