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Mansplaining (Show #130)



(Sorry it’s late – TAXES!!! ARGHHHHH!)

The topic is “Mansplaining.” Do you need me to explain that for you, Honey? Can your pretty, little head get around it? Don’t worry, we’ll go slow.

(My husband just helped me put the graphic in this post! Thank god! I could never have gotten it done without him! I’ve only been doing this for 5 years.)

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They Unlike Me! (Show #118)

Sally Field aside,  it’s nice to be liked, and it’s not nice to be “unliked.”  You get to hear just how geeky we get about social media, and how we deal with flaming or annoying posts while at the same time wondering how we might have accidentally created an annoying post ourselves.  (Are we paranoid or what? Typical!) Personally, I like to quote Bette Midler: “If they can’t take a joke, f*ck ’em.”

Please comment and give us how you deal with this issue.  And check this out:

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The Other Poly (Show #108)

Hey,  we learned something today! We start by talking about the thought-provoking topic of  Polytheism.  What is Polytheism?  How does it work for everybody?  What is Henotheism?  How does that work?  Why are we here?  What is the meaning of life?  Too many questions for one podcast!

(Watch out for Henotheists who worship Loki – could be tricky!)

We do veer off topic onto a sci-fi reading list at one point, which is interesting too.  (So long as you don’t get turned into a Coke machine!) Here are notes on that:

Here’s an interesting book Wendy recommends, which has the Viking gods coming to America, “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman

And here are some sources for “The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul” by Douglas Adams.

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Soul-Healing (Show #97)

Today we discuss emotions and the healing of the soul. Modern psychology stresses examining our lives to discover the experiences that triggered our problem-beliefs or fears. But my question was, once we know where a problem started, what then? We can intellectually see the fallacy in a conclusion drawn as a child from an unpleasant experience, but how do we get rid of the emotional habit? Over the years, those habits have become patterns in our souls.

We talk about several approaches and ideas for “soul-healing,” including Neuro-lingustic Programing and finding a way to reframe your childhood.  Some theories work for some people but leave others worse than they were before.  Are some of these theories helpful, or are they just a way to sell self-help books, courses and take advantage of those in pain?

This is an important discussion and we hope our listeners find it useful. Also, we’d love to hear your own ideas and techniques for emotional health and repairing your soul.  Tell us what you think in the comment section.

– Audacious Mary

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