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Show #47: The Woo Factor

How much woo-woo is too much woo-woo? We talk about metaphysical beliefs, alternative remedies, ritual power, and when it might be going a bit too far.  Tune in for the woo-woo, stay for the great rant on education and critical thinking.

To help discern woo-woo gone very, very wrong, consider referencing The Advanced Bonewits’ Cult Danger Evaluation Frame.


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Show #45: Love It/Hate It – The Beach

Which Audacious one hates sand and shells?  Who can’t stand the crowds?  Who chooses shade over sun?  Which one is never without her beach pass? Listen in as we reflect on this popular summer pastime.

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Show #44: Gender, Sex, & Coming Out Androgynous

Audacious Robin is on a gender journey and discovers her androgyny along the path. We discuss the distinctions between and the interweaving of gender identity, biological sex, sexual orientation, and gender presentation.  Audacious Wendy comes out as a male peacock stuck in a woman’s body.

Check out The Genderbread Person.

Robin Renée - An Audacious Androgyne

Take the Androdgyny Test – find out where on the spectrum you assign yourself! (PDF file that you fill out and add up numbers – not an online quiz)


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