Show #46: Band Names

Real names, fake names, funny names – names for bands! What makes a band name cool?

Band names containing three words: how many can you think of? Can you come up with more than we did?

Wendy learns the meaning of “Lucky Pierre”

Audacious Question of the Week:

What is the meaning of our newly-coined euphemism “French Moustache”? (put it in the comments here or on Facebook!)

The Album Cover Meme:

The rules:

1. Get a random Wikipedia article The title is the name of the band.

2. The last 4 or 5 words of the very last quote on the random quotations page is the album title

3. Third picture, no matter what it is is the image to use for the cover.

4. Create your cover using your favorite design tools and share!

Here’s the first one that Audacious Wendy did, to get you started:


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