Audacious Donna

Life Coach, Tarot Reader and Spiritual Teacher: Meet Audacious Donna Juzva

Audacious DonnaDonna Juzva is a Life Coach, who specializes in Happiness & Success.  She is an accomplished Tarot Card Reader, Spiritual Adviser and Tarot Teacher.   An award winning Speaker,  Donna speaks about and teaches Spiritual, Empowerment & Metaphysical topics.  Donna believes that continual personal growth is essential to one’s Happiness.  Spirituality is one of her favorite topics;she enjoys learning about different religions and belief systems,  finding value in each and richness in the diversity of theologies.  A natural born philosopher and student of life, Audacious Donna is especially interested in the way concepts reoccur in different belief systems and cultures.

“Release the past with Courage.  Embrace the future with Faith.   Be in the Present with Awareness.  Live Life from a place of Love.”                                                                  – Donna Juzva



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